Bank Saint Petersburg sees its team as the main drive for the 2018–2020 Strategy. The Bank builds mutually beneficial relations with its personnel, motivating each employee to archive strategic goals and rewards them based on fair estimation.

Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest employers in the region with 4 258 employees as of the end of 2019: 31% employees work in branches, 69% — in the Bank’s Headquarters.

Staff Composition by Business Line,
January 1, 2020
Staff Composition by Age,
January 1, 2020

Respectful mutually beneficial relations between the Bank and the staff are implemented through development, motivation, and recognition tools for the results achieved. Digital transformation and the continuous search for efficiency gains provide the Bank’s employees with new opportunities to realize their own potential. The implemented practices of kanban and agile, aimed at accelerating the entry into the market of banking products, are gradually becoming a characteristic feature of the Bank’s corporate culture, where an important role is given to team management.


Digital technologies are penetrating ever deeper into all areas of work with staff. The Personnel Selection and Adaptation Department, improving the recruiting process, uses digital solutions in interviews and candidate assessment. To attract new digital expertise, regional selection, referral programs, and Social Recruitment are used.

At the end of 2019, the Bank launched an internship program called Brain Camp, in which talented students and graduates of relevant universities will gain practical experience from participating in the implementation of projects in the Big Data field, as well as in the development of technical solutions and their testing, system analysis and other areas. The program will continue in 2020, which will strengthen the Bank’s brand as an employer in the IT environment and attract highly potential young specialists to the team.

For the ninth year, the Bank has successfully employed the Future Banker program, aimed at selecting and training graduates of specialized universities in St. Petersburg and young specialists. 108 out of 130 students of the program got job offers from the Bank in 2019.

Generally, in 2019 the Bank hired 1 128 employees, which is 2 times more than in 2018. The growth is associated with the Bank’s participation in the Resident ID Card city project, the attraction of an additional IT resource for digitalization processes, business development in online channels, as well as business development in Novosibirsk and Moscow.

In addition to attracting personnel, special attention is paid to the effectiveness of newly hired employees. As part of onboarding, a chat bot was launched in 2019 for IT block employees in order to scale the resource to the entire pool in 2020. The chatbot allows new employees to find out the information about the Bank as an employer, receive prompt response from an HR specialist and much more.


The Bank pays great attention to the professional development of the team, increasing its potential in different directions: managerial effectiveness, professional expertise, interaction with the client, digitalization of services and solutions.

A cross-functional team approach to solving problems is being scaled to an increasing number of product areas and segments, enabling employees to develop systemic thinking and a pass-through understanding of processes, and the Bank to quickly implement products and services.

Digital Academy, a separate area of personnel development, was created to develop special competencies and flexible response to the needs of the IT function in the HR structure. In 2019, more than 800 employees were trained in 14 new Digital Academy programs. The Bank provides employees with access to the highest level of professional expertise, localized in recognized competence centers. A successful example was the ITMO Summer School organized for employees of the Bank to study technologies for working with big data in the financial sector — over 80 employees attended the course, 44 of them received advanced training certificates. One of the priorities of the Digital Academy in 2019 was to support the introduction of kanban as a method of managing the product delivery process which involved all IT and business units.

Significant attention, as in the previous years, is paid to the development of the Bank’s management team, which, in 2019, was performed according to the principles of a segmented approach: basic regular management, development of high potential managers, the knowledge management system of experienced recognized internal experts, and an individual approach to developing the potential of top managers. Over 170 executives were trained in management programs using an automated individual development plan. As part of the development of feedback, the Bank launched a project for "360 degrees" evaluation.

The personnel training system is being transformed simultaneously with the processes and structure of the Bank. Regular training programs acquire development and consistency; in response to business requests, new courses, seminars and assessment events start: from assessment to video courses, post-training chats, grocery marathons, and business games. In 2019, over 550 face-to-face training events were held; each employee, on average, completed 9 distance learning courses.

The Bank maintains awareness and involvement of the whole team through regular information campaigns. In 2019, they were dedicated to digitalization, information security, client-centricity of the business, principles of economy. Employees of the Bank with pleasure and excitement have participated in the digital dictation, in the Digifruits campaign. Almost all employees of the branch network responded to the contest My Favorite Client: each office vied with each other to tell its story about how to make a client happy with Bank Saint Petersburg.

Close communications and partnership principles of employee interaction are supported by the Bank through the organization of informal sports events. Over 70 people participated in the city SUP-festival, and the team of the Bank, under the leadership of the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Pavel Filimonenok, was recognized as the brightest. 50 employees participated in the Rautu trail cross-country race, and also the Bank’s employees participated in the White Nights marathon. Over 400 employees participated in summer corporate trips aimed at promoting corporate values and building team unity. The annual bowling tournament, dedicated to the International Day of Quality and Banker Day, brought together as many employees of the front line and the Head Office.